ECC 2023


László Vass

Harmony, regularity in all instances designs at all microscopic, immunohistochemical, molecular, proteomic levels at the last end the absence of disease which we may call in morphology health. Health viewed is the beauty itself! Cytopathology in all its aspects recognizes, fights against disharmony, irregularity and diseases which have always been present in life, especially in our 21st century world. We, cytopathologists gather now in Budapest for the 44th Congress of EFCS with the hope, it will help us finding and fighting diseases for a better future.

Hereby I invite everyone interested in cytology and being aware of the above questions to come to Budapest for three days learning each other’s knowledge, diverse ways of thinking. Please let us gather our arguer, disputer, controversialist brain for moving towards a healthier world. The Congress will take place between 1st-4th October 2023. It is organized in a hybrid structure; however, we all will be happier and more active if present personally. Our wish is a three days long lively, continuous personal and scientific activity! There will be organized “Melting point” sessions, Slide seminars with scanned slides, Companion Meetings, Proferred papers and E-posters, QUATE course and exam and Keynote lectures as well.

The ‘background” of it is an active, charming, historical, and modern city which – at least for me – has never been boring during the last 70 years.

Let us take the challenge, please come, it will be our great privilege to see you all in Budapest!

László Vass, MD PhD, FIAC

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