Lippentős Folk Dance Group of Kartal

Lippentős Folk Dance Group of Kartal

The group was formed in the spring of 2021.

Popularizing and keeping folklore and folk culture alive plays an important role in the life of each group member. Most of the members have known each other since childhood, thus they have a strong relationship. They have been surrounded by this living tradition for years; some of them have been pursuing this cultural heritage since kindergarten. They consider this regional tradition and folk costume as their grandparental legacy.

Their home, Kartal is located in the north-eastern side of Pest county, nearly 40 km from the capital. The village is part of a region called Galgamente, which is named after the river Galga. The tradition they carry on is part of a Hungarian subgroup called Palóc.

The dance culture of Kartal can be divided into two time segments. The old style consists of the ‘mars’: it is a kind of leaping movement in marching; ‘karikázó’: which is a circle dance typically performed by girls and women without any music, only singing; and the third one is ‘verbunk’: the recruit dance by boys and men. The new style is represented by ‘csárdás’ which can be slow or fast paced.

Since the formation of the group, they have evoked numerous local folk traditions successfully such as balls that were the only form of young adults finding their future partner; the celebration of the summer and autumn harvesting festivals. They tend to focus on bringing their ancestors’ folklore back to life.

They are proud that in such a short period of time, they were able to perform in more than 15 places across Hungary including the region of Lake Balaton. In addition, they have already introduced their folk culture for the audience abroad in Transylvania, Montenegro and Croatia.

Their traditional folk costumes are authentic pieces, some of them are more than 100 years old, that vary on every occasion and depend on the age of the person who wears them. The grandmother of a group member made these wonderful items for years; she sewed and pleated them by her own hands that is why they represent real value and they are not easy to be purchased nowadays. Their unique costumes are presented in their performances every now and then to show how diverse their dresses are.

Now the title of their choreography is ‘Amusement in Great Kartal’ in which they show the vibe of the balls their great-grandparents had in the old days.

The leader of the group is Kornél Kozjár.