Companion Meetings (CM)

CM Finland: Primary HPV: screening: History, Experience and Pitfalls

View 4 Room 3 October 2023 11:30 - 13:00

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Chairperson: Ivana Kholová
11:30–11:55Kari Syrjänen, Acta Cytologica (Karger AG): HPV mirror in cytology
11:55–12:20Zahra Maleki, Cytopathology Division, Johns Hopkins Pathology: HPV negative cancer and cytology
12:20–12:45Ivana Kholová, Department of Pathology, Fimlab Laboratories, and Tampere University, Faculty of Medicine and Health Technology: Primary HPV screening in Tampere since 2012
12:45–13:00Leena Krogerus, Department of Pathology, Helsinki University Central Hospital and Helsinki University: Cases I will never forget: Interesting cases from screening programmes