Companion Meetings (CM)

CM Italy: “To be or not to be”. Learning from mimickers and difficult cases

View 3 Room 3 October 2023 15:30 - 17:00

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Chairpersons: Diane Esther Rossi, Giancarlo Troncone

15:30–15:45Giovanni Negri, Department of Pathology Central Hospital Bolzano: GYN case
15:45–16:00Claudio Bellevicine, Department of Public Health University of Naples: Salivary case
16:00–16:15Diane Esther Rossi, Endocrine and Cytology Units Fondazione Policlinico universitario A. Gemelli-IRCCS: Thyroid
16:15–16:30Fabrizio Zanconati, Department of Medicine, Surgery and Health Sciences, Universit of Trieste: Breast
16:30–16:45Pio Zeppa, Department of Medicine University of Salerno: Lymph node
16:45–17:00Discussion, Q&A