Companion Meetings (CM)

CM Papanicolau: Triaging Limited Cellularity Specimens for Ancillary Studies: Challenges Encountered and Lessons Learned: A Case Based Discussion

View 5-6 Room 1 October 2023 15:30 - 17:00

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Educational objectives:

  • Generate a pathologic differential diagnosis based solely on clinicopathologic features.
  • Identify diagnostic challenges and pitfalls with limited lesional cellularity specimens obtained from various organs.
  • Discuss how to effectively triage cytology specimens for ancillary studies.
  • Discuss the value of molecular studies in cytology specimens for risk stratification. clinical management and prognosis.


This case based discussion led by multiple faculty members will focus on the controversial diagnostic and classification challenges that are encountered in the daily practice of cytopathology. The discussion will include key clinical and radiologic features, cytologic and histologic differential diagnosis of primary lesions arising in head and neck, lung, mediastinum and soft-tissues. The topics will be illustrated in detail by using examples of various benign and malignant lesions especially those with overlapping morphologies requiring ancillary studies for diagnosis. The discussion will focus of triaging limited cellularity specimens for ancillary studies for diagnosis, management and targeted therapies. This case based discussion will comprise of specific case reviews to illustrate the educational objectives.

Zubair Baloch, MD, PhD.
Professor of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine. University of Pennsylvania Medicial Center, Philadelphia, PA. USA

Fernando Schmitt, MD PHD.
Professor of Pathology at the Medical Faculty of University of Porto, Lisbon, Portugal

15:30–15:45Massimo Bongiovanni, SYNLAB Pathology: A case of thyroid FNA
15:45–16:00William C. Faquin, Harvard Medical School: A case of lateral neck mass
16:00–16:15Maria Dolores Lozano Escario, Universidad de Navarra: A case of Lung FNA
16:15–16:30Lukas Bubendorf, Institute for Pathology of the University Hospital Basel: A case of mediastinal mass
16:30–16:45Lester Layfield, University of Missouri: A case of soft-tissue mass FNA
16:45–17:00Syed Ali, Johns Hopkins University: A case of EUS-FNA