Coffee break and Poster Viewing

Ballroom Foyer 2 October 2023 17:00 - 17:30

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Poster authors will be available for viewers to ask questions about their research and how it is represented on the poster.


Irina Lisichnikova, Pavel Hertsen Moscow Oncology Research Institute – branch of the National 1Medical Research Radiological Centre of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation: A rare case of cytological diagnostics of bilateral parotid oncocytic carcinoma with no high-grade cytologic features

Cioly Rivero Colmenarez, Laboratoire National de Santé – LNS Luxembourg: The beauty and the beast thyroid tumors.

Gabriela Oprea-Ilies, Emory University School of Medicine: Novel Point-of-care Imaging of Unstained Thyroid Cytology for Rapid On-Site Evaluation (ROSE)

Syed Salahuddin Ahmed, Department of Anatomical Pathology, Singapore General Hospital, Singapore: Limitations of Whole Slide Imaging (WSI) for Routine Cytology: Evaluation of Digitized Cytology With Z-stacking Function

Ales Rode, Institute of Oncology Ljubljana: Diagnosing Burkitt Lymphoma – Case Report

Sangeeta Mantoo, Department of Anatomical Pathology, Singapore General Hospital, Singapore: Performance of p16/ Ki-67 dual immunocytochemical staining in detecting high grade cervical lesions: a retrospective review

Hyun-Jung Kim, Department of Pathology, Inje University, Sanggye-Paik Hospital, Seoul, Korea: Practical application of TPS 2.0 in upper urinary tract urine cytology

Senay Erdogan-Durmus, Prof.Dr.Cemil Tascioglu City Hospital: Malignancy rates in the salivary gland neoplasm of uncertain malignant potential (SUMP) category in the Milan System

Senay Erdogan-Durmus, Prof.Dr.Cemil Tascioglu City Hospital: Diagnostic utility of immunocytochemistry in Liquid-based cytology

Senay Erdogan-Durmus, Prof.Dr.Cemil Tascioglu City Hospital: The role of fine-needle aspiration cytology in the diagnosis of bone and soft tissue lesions

Emmanouil Mastorakis, Cytopathology Dept. General Hospital of Heraklion “Venizeleio and Pananio”: Rapid On Site Evaluation: the importance of the initial cytological evaluation of pancreatic lesions at the time of EUS-FNAC. A Retrospective Study.

Po Man Tsang, Charing Cross Hospital, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust: Current Insights on Anal Cytology: Histology Correlation at North West London Pathology Central Laboratory Service

Yukiko Matsuo, Department of Thoracic Surgery, Kitasato University School of Medicine: Evaluating a Novel Method for Preserving Intact DNA in Liquid-Based Cytology Specimens Using a Lung Adenocarcinoma Cell Line

Ruben Roque, Anatomic pathology department, Portuguese Oncology Institute, Lisbon Centre: ROSE (Rapid One Site Evaluation): Concordance and Adequacy analysis

Veronika Kloboves Prevodnik, Institute of Oncology Ljubljana, Department of Cytopathology: Cytopathological diagnostic of intraocular lymphomas – an approach developed at the Institute of Oncology Ljubljana, Slovenia

Darshana Jhala, University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine and the Corporal Michael J. Crescenz Veteran Affairs Medical Center: Liver Lymphoma: A Diagnostic Challenge and the Role of Ancillary Studies in Personalized Diagnostics

Maartje van Rooij, Maastricht UMC+: Unveiling Immune Profiles in Non-Small Cell Lung Carcinoma Cytology: Predicting Response to PD-L1/PD-1 Immune Therapy

Laurence Vaughan, Integrated Diagnostic Solutions, Becton Dickinson and Company, Sparks, MD, USA: Genotype-specific HPV Persistence: a New/Old Biomarker for Cervical Cancer Screening

Afrodite Athanasopoulou, Department of Pathology and Cytology, University Hospital of Patras, Greece: Endometrial clear cell adenocarcinoma primarily diagnosed in cervical smear: a case report.