Melting Point Sessions (MP)

MP 10 Scientific Publication: Who drives who and what is influential enough?

Grand Budapest Ballroom 3 October 2023 08:30 - 10:00

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Chairpersons: Kari Syrjänen, Philippe Viehl

8:30–8:45Philippe Viehl, Medipath and American Hospital of Paris: Why is publishing important in the field of cytology?
8:45–9:00Kari Syrjänen, Acta Cytologica (Karger AG): Different study designs available for cytological research
9:00–9:15Ashish Chandra, St Thomas’ Hospital: What do the journals expect from your submissions and how to select the right one?
9:15–9:30Stina Syrjänen, Turun Yliopisto: How are your manuscripts evaluated in the journals?