Slide Seminar (SL)

SL12 Non-Invasive Follicular Tumor with Papillary Like Nuclear Features (NIFTP): Cytopathology Perspective, Current Status and Future Directions.

Studio 2 Room 4 October 2023 10:30 - 12:00

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Chairpersons: Zubair Baloch

10:30–10:45Zubair Baloch, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania: NIFTP – Impact on the Pathologic Diagnosis and Management of Thyroid Neoplasms
10:45–11:00Michiya Nishino, Department of Pathology, Harvard Medical School: Can we Diagnose NIFTP in Thyroid Fine-needle Aspiration Specimens?
11:00–11:15Guido Fadda, “Gaetano Martino” University Hospital, University of Messina: What Have We Have Learned from The Molecular Profile of Follicular Patterned Neoplasms of Thyroid?
11:15–11:30Ivana Kholová, Department of Pathology, Fimlab Laboratories, and Tampere University, Faculty of Medicine and Health Technology: The Aftermath of NIFTP Diagnosis on the Risk of Malignancy: Lesson Learned from Meta-analysis
11:30–11:45Diane Esther Rossi, Endocrine and Cytology Units Fondazione Policlinico universitario A. Gemelli-IRCCS: NIFTP Multicenter Survey